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Noxidsoft recommends Avast! as a solution to your business and/or home computing needs and we have been using it since 2004. If you want an unobtrusive and light foot-print anti-virus/anti-malware product that can give you peace of mind, then this is it.

Avast continues to be the leading Antivirus product that brings solutions to home computing and business. The OPSWAT - Security Industry Market Share Analysis December 2011, states that AVAST Software has had a strong lead in the worldwide antivirus market for the past two years, with 16.69% in 2010 and 15.92% in 2011.

With more than 187 million users in December 2014 world-wide and growing, the numbers tell the story.

Avast! continues to win for the 2015 New Year - New Year, New Certifications at OPSWAT

Avast! is the best of the top 3 anti-malware vendors in 2015 - Anti-malware Vendor Market Share

To find out more about avast! go to www.avast.com