Website maintenance

Let us look after the hard part

Creating a website is only the first step in creating a presence on the web for your business. Every website needs maintenance and support over time. Noxidsoft can provide affordable, flexible maintenance agreements that allow you to focus on what you do best while we maintain, monitor, update and support your website.

Key Benefits

Our monthly website maintenance agreements are affordable and flexible.

At a flat rate of $ 780.00 (AUD GST inclusive) per month, you can engage us to do the hard-part, for any one-off single month, or as an ongoing month-to-month support framework for your high-traffic website.

For a dedicated support role(s), such as programmatic changes and / or creation, please be aware this is quoted on an hourly basis as per our rates table in line with GITC pricing limits. Contact me directly.

Your maintenance and support needs are covered.

Some of the things that are covered include:

  • updating extensions and widgets
  • adding new extensions and widgets
  • maintaining SEO and metadata
  • adding/updating/removing products in your shopping cart
  • adding a testimonial to your site
  • removing, adding or swapping out photos
  • adding new pages of content (your pre-prepared content)
  • correcting a spelling error
  • posting new blog entries
  • changing navigation menus (information architecture)
  • correcting and organising information architecture (menus)
  • collating and sending statistical usage rates
  • adding new features
  • checking / fixing broken links throughout a website
  • backup and recovery work and moreā€¦

Additionally, if you are also looking to build a new website from scratch, you can ask us about that by using the same link below or continue to make further queries about our maintenance options.

Contact us to make a website maintenance query now.