Simple website

Business, community or commercial

Do you need a simple website without all the bloat?

Website ownership can be a complex thing if you are a new business starting up or even if you are a veteran. Generally you need to wade through a choice of content management system (CMS), databases and long-term maintenance.

  • Maybe you need something simple like this:
    • Domain name
    • Web space
    • Email address(s) (complimentary)
    • Generic designs available
    • Full maintenance and analytics reporting sent to your email inbox regularly
    • Need to publish; add/edit a blog entry via an easy to use Publii desktop app
    • SEO (Google, Bing, etc) and social media friendly
    • Pay month-by-month or a lump sum ($1,200) per 12 months

1 x website = from $264 (GST incl.) per month

Apply here to ask questions, get a custom quote or just to get things going.

What is offered:

  • Domain name (Like this: or and so on) - with our local services at Noxidsoft (Web Hosting Australia)
  • Web space (Static web pages need to live somewhere) - with local Australian hosting options
  • Design (within limits, we are not a web graphic design company, but we will implement a design from one or we can offer pre-baked styles that might suit the genre of your business, you can ask us for examples based on your ideas and/or business genre)
  • Custom apps
    • 1 x contact form [Free], and/or get a quote on a custom app like these…
    • job application form(s)
    • calendars
    • mapping (mapbox or Google Maps, extra fees may apply over time)
    • gallery(s)
    • CRM (client resource manager)
    • anything else you can think of or currently might be using can be integrated via online, just ask :)
  • Regular maintenance - means we keep your website backed up, healthy and monitored
  • Publishing - means we can add/style your content to the website, you write it, set a date and we’ll add it (MS Word, PDF, odt, images, etc)
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) means
  • A kind of set-and-forget website if desired
  • Keep hackers at bay, because there is no database or major application(s) to be hacked
  • Friendly personal one-on-one support

What is not offered:

  • CMS (content management system) - that means no Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, custom CMS
  • Database centered content - all your content is displayed via static pages, which converts to the fastest overall experience for your users
  • Multiple user login and conference experience - if you need multiple users/contributors to maintain content over time, please talk to us about this as well, we can offer a full CMS
  • Full website code - is retained by Noxidsoft for security purposes, though we will supply content and imagery to the client on request