Digital forms service

EasyTransform is an outsourcing service ideology that will take your PDF forms to dynamic website forms with a view to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (opens in new window). Conversion requires an element of hands on transformation and editing to bring a working website form into reality. All the elements that allow a user to fill in the form, submit and the sending of notifications with the details of filled forms are included. User completed form field values can be emailed directly, stored in a database and/or file for statistical retrieval at a later date.

The process entails

  • Commissioning Noxidsoft to tranform your existing and future PDF document forms into website based forms
  • Forms (pdf’s) are broken up into batches, urgent forms are completed first
  • Noxidsoft batch processes your forms according to your specifications with a demonstration of a small batch for your approval before proceeding with larger segments of the job
  • Forms are delivered after a batch is completed so that they can be put into use sooner if required or for testing
  • Noxidsoft supplies the links needed to embed forms at your discretion or we can carry out the form matching/setup with your website based on an hourly fee


  • Use your existing PDF forms without the cost of redesign
  • Continue to perform internal design processes that you would normally use to produce a PDF form
  • Provide a website accessible form that looks and feels the same as the original PDF
  • Updating a form, just submit the updated version, identify it with the old one and we will do the rest
  • Works on iPad and Android tablets - mobile ready and responsive design
  • Submit your PDF forms to us via email or allow us access to your servers for remote batch processing
  • Outsource the job and save on skilling costs
  • Pay a one-off cost for conversion, no hidden fees or charges
  • Comply with regulations for website accessibility
  • Cross-browser compatibility (modern browsers required)

Server requirements

  • PHP5
  • MySQL (to additionally capture form datum on request)
  • Apache or IIS
  • Mail server (to send notifications)
  • Subscription fees apply if you need us to host the forms, secure servers are available on request

Put your forms in our capable hands. Onsite or remote demonstration of a form that you nominate is available for a setup fee.

To enquire, please fill out a form to contact us here for a quote.