Laravel installer update

Major changes for Laravel installer

There are major changes afoot for how the Laravel installer can be used. If you are like me (still version 2.2 shhhhh), then it is well past time to do an update to the installer itself.

The build servers are going to be shutdown within months, so get in before Christmas 2020.

The easiest method to update is to simply uninstall then reinstall the tool. You can check the version before and after too.

# check the version
$ laravel --version

$ composer global remove laravel/installer
$ composer global require laravel/installer

# check the version
$ laravel --version

You can also check your Laravel application version with this.

$ php artisan --version

Or go to the file where the version is held.

$ vi ./vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/Application.php