Results from mashing Joomla 3 & Foundation

Merging Foundation 5 and Joomla 3 together to see what happens.

So, about two days ago I became super frustrated with the bloat of my web template from a club I have been using for a few years now. I have been around the traps and tried several clubs, there are some really good one’s and they deliver visually fantastic graphical designs (my lesser skill), great funtionality, but unfortuneately are becoming very over-weight in the performance arena.

As a backend/front developer I decided yesterday to change that for! We now have a template (built in-house) that hums along mostly at around 2 seconds per page load, or less (ideal in my brain), which is better than 4-10 seconds despite my optimization efforts with club templates, sporting a full screen video (thanx HTML5 & S3), and mobile device responsive (Foundation). A few tweaks to go, some extra colour but I am pretty happy with the result :D (Used Joomla 3, Foundation, elbow grease).

Read on below for some interesting graphics about page performance (, which is a little bizzare to say the least (of particular note is we have a heavier page, but faster load time), but it works and shows you shouldn’t believe everything you hear/read and you should follow what is required for your own business need.

Capture timeline

Page load times

From the browser page (Firefox), with Firebug.

Total page load speed