Remove Joomla Frontpage Sitename Title

How to disable Joomla from displaying the Site Name Title? (Joomla 1.5.x, 2.5.x & 3.2.x)

It is a common question that comes up often from friends who are starting out using Joomla for the first time.

Joomla version 1.0 and 1.5 by default will display the site name on the home page. It’s not obvious where to disable this. You would think it would be from the Fontpage manager, but it’s not that easy. To disable the Site Name from appearing on the home page, you have to disable it from the Main Menu Manager. This is where it would be by default…

  1. Go to the Main Menu manager, select “Home” menu item. This is the default menu item on initial installation of “Articles » Frontpage”
  2. Expand “Parameters (System)”.
  3. Set “Show Page Title” to No.

Tada, refresh your page (F5) and you should see it disappear.

Kudos to Sam Phomsopha for this one.

Joomla versions 2.5.x & 3.2.x you would want to do the following:

  1. From the Administrator view, select Menus > Main Menu (standard install) and click the hyperlink/edit for the ‘Home’ (default page gold starred) item.
  2. Choose the “Page Display” tab
  3. Toggle/set/choose “Show Page Heading” to “No” (red in J3)
  4. Click “Save” or “Save & Close” and refresh/reload the view page (you might need to clear cache).

Hope this updated explaination helps.