Creating a website is only the first step in creating a presence on the web for your business. Every website needs maintenance and support over time. We provide affordable, flexible maintenance agreements that allow you to focus on what you do best while we maintain, monitor, update and support your website.

Key Benefits

Our website maintenance agreements are affordable and flexible.

Once your website is “live”, generally your website supplier will provide up to 30 days of free support and maintenance to help ensure you are comfortable using and managing everything. After the 30-day support period, your website will need ongoing maintenance to keep software up-to-date and over time you may also need advice to keep the user experience fresh to continue to meet your intended business needs. We offer maintenance agreements billed by the hour to keep things flexible so you don't pay more than necessary to keep everything ship-shape.

Remember, if Noxidsoft built your website it includes a robust content management system (Joomla) that allows you to make changes yourself. Website maintenance agreements are completely optional. However, we realize your job is to run your business and it might not make sense for you to spend precious time when we could be taking care of everything for you.

Your maintenance and support needs are covered.

We have a broad definition of “support and maintenance”. Some of the things that are covered in our definition include:

  • updating extensions and widgets
  • adding new extensions and widgets
  • maintaining SEO and metadata
  • adding/updating/removing products in your shopping cart
  • adding a testimonial to your site
  • removing, adding or swapping out photos
  • adding  new pages of content
  • correcting a spelling error
  • posting new blog entries
  • changing navigation boxes
  • adding new features and more…


We won’t build you a brand new website under the umbrella of your website maintenance agreement, but we will maintain the site you have. If you feel you need a new website, you can ask us about that too by using the same form link below.

Contact us (form) to make a website maintenance query now.