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Self-Managed Hosting

If you like to do everything yourself, you can find our self-managed hosting, domains and additional product offerings by clicking the link to the right. These packages offer larger space and features but you are responsible for backup processes and management of the space you own.

Noxidsoft Managed Hosting

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Noxidsoft managed hosting packages are generally offered to our clients when they have already engaged our services either through website maintenance or website software development and a more stable environment is required. We are happy to setup hosting for current and past clientele to offer personal one-on-one support where you think you need more of our involvement. If you just need a quick setup and want less involvement from us, choose the above link in the self-managed hosting area.

We have 4 x managed packages, and/or are able to customize a file space and bandwidth consumption option to your need:

1. Developer = 200MB Disk quota + 200MB Monthly bandwidth $33.00 per year (GST inclusive) Order
2. Bronze 500 = 500MB Disk quota + 500MB Monthly bandwidth $44.00 per year (GST inclusive) Order
3. Silver 1000 = 1000MB Disk quota + 1000MB Monthly bandwidth $150.00 per year (GST inclusive) Order
4. Gold = 5000MB Disk quota + 5000MB Monthly bandwidth $250.00 per year (GST inclusive) Order

All our packages come with the following standard features:

  • Advanced Cpanel
  • Daily automatic backups - R1Soft
  • Softalicious - easy one-click web-application installs
  • Email services
  • Personal support
  • Domains start from $10 per year - help with redirection to your web hosting
  • More...

If you require an additional maintenance package, that is, you wish us to manage your content and keep your online software up-to-date, please find details at the following link:



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CHMOD file only in subdirectory

[FYI] Do this...

Start with directories if you are changing them for the web server first, this will change files too:

$ find images -type d -exec chmod 755 {} +

Then run it again to change files, with the different switch:

$ find images -type f -exec chmod 644 {} +

I recommend adding a recursive (-R) switch along with a verbose output (-v):

$ find images -type f -exec chmod -Rv 644 {} +

You may need to use super permissions to action this. Be warned, this can lock you out.

Joomla 3 - Add language file support for plugins

Do this...

* Load the language file on instantiation.
* @var    boolean
* @since  3.1
protected $autoloadLanguage = true;

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Here's a full list of "Generic" domain names you probably never thought were available (register at

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