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Avast continues to be the leading Antivirus product that brings solutions to home computing and business. The OPSWAT - Security Industry Market Share Analysis December 2011, states that AVAST Software has had a strong lead in the worldwide antivirus market for the past two years, with 16.69% in 2010 and 15.92% in 2011.

With more than 187 million users in December world-wide and growing, the numbers tell the story.

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To find out more about avast! go to www.avast.com

Latest News

Joomla 3 - Add language file support for plugins

Do this...

* Load the language file on instantiation.
* @var    boolean
* @since  3.1
protected $autoloadLanguage = true;

Generic domains names now available

Here's a full list of "Generic" domain names you probably never thought were available (register at http://hosting.noxidsoft.com):

Heartbleed security issue - OpenSSL

Do not rush to change all your passwords!

Let me qualify that statement. I have heard and seen many knee jerk reactions from "professionals" that state we should all rush out to change our banking and social media passwords. The first question we should be asking is, what, who, why. The second, do I need to make a change right away, if at all.

What systems are affected?

Simple. All systems that use the OpenSSL security certificate service.

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