New Joomla extension released - Loadmap

Loading a Google map with an address from a clickable image.

Download: Content - Load map

Demo: 9 Rama Ct, ToowoombaMap

We have released this new Joomla extension (plugin) to allow an administrator to add a clickable map icon next to an existing/new address within their content. Once a user clicks on this link they will be presented with a new window/tab with the address preloaded into a Google map query. This allows a user to then find directions to the address in mind, print the map or use any other native functionality that Google has included with their mapping tools.

Usage is easy utilizing similarities with the loadposition plugin that allows admins to add modules anywhere in content. If content already has an address such as 7 Daly Rd, Tallowood then you would put {loadmap and a space at the front of the address and a closing curly brace at the end of the address to finish off. This tells Joomla that this address should be included with a map icon and hyperlink that includes the address plus some extras if needed to resolve the address properly (included in the parameters Basic options).


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