Shape5 RSS template self feeding [solution]

You should use an RSS module in relevant position if you want to render a third party feed, or grab one from a different part of the same website in question.

To show a relevant page feed (auto-feed articles on your own site), do this:

Add this to the template RSS parameter settings:-




!important. Then edit index.php in the template, usually found at /root/templates/my_template_name/index.php

Find the following line (approx. line 176):

<div id="s5_rss" onclick="'/<?php echo $s5_rss; ?>')"></div>

and change it to...

<div id="s5_rss" onclick='"<?php echo $s5_rss; ?>")'></div>

The PHP variable comes as a multi char string, so you need double quotes. I just swapped them around, no harm, no foul, but you could also just change to double quotes and escape them.

Hit Ctrl + F5 to refresh a page with a menu setup as category blog type for best results.

See an example on for a large website example, feed icon at the top right, using the new_vision template on J2.5.x.

Hope this helps someone.

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