Scheduled work notice!

Please be aware that we will be away from the keyboard today and will return to service on the 9th of March, 2015.

Leave your contact details via pre-arranged email address, fill out our online form, or leave a message via phone as usual, and a response will be made on or after the date indicated.


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Our info area communicates information about our payment options and the GNU licensing agreement(s) that govern how we distribute some of our CMS software.

Also we have a blog area that we jabber on about stuff we have worked out or discoveries that have come to light, nothing special but we like to share.

Additionally, we share some useful YouTube videos that we think are interesting and informative.

Payment options

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This area is for those who are paying by a previously issued invoice when work has been carried out on contract, you are also able to use these details to make payments for downloads from our shop.

Read more: Payment options